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1. Sativa (Jhene Aiko Cover)
2. Ancient Dawn
3. Personalities Meet
4. My Own Bitch
5. Crucial (Precious Moments Ambient Mix) ft. Machine Gun Kelly & Charli XCX

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Here it is, The moment some of you been waiting for you, I’m glad to bring to you my new EP “Ambience” a side fun project where I take a more ambient approach. I had fun making this project, It’s yours at midnight. I hope you all enjoy this EP as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you for @CharliXCX for joining me and bro bro MGK for the Precious Moments Ambient Mix of “Crucial” Big thanks to them and thanks to all of you!

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Here it is! Imma so happy to announce with you all coming next week, is my new upcoming album titled “Well, Damn..” because it was a quick and fun process and its over already!, Im so excited for you to hear it. Please pre-save now, the album features the single “Hallucination Vacation” and “Your Nightmare is My Demand” both out now, album next week! 💕

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I’m so excited right now! Announcing my newest studio album “Cheers” it’s coming soon. Pre-Save now. And the lead single “Rock, Paper, Scissors” is out for streaming now. I’ve worked so hard on this album, it’s why I was M.I.A for a bit. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. It was hands down one of the best albums I’ve ever made. :redsparkles: 🍷

Today is muh actual birthday!! 🥳 🎂 🎉

I enjoyed this season, thank you all, I’ll def be back next season! ​:color_sparkles:

I’ll be back next season. In Seattle tonight! Live from Dangerously, That Bitch Tour with @CharliXCX and bro bro MGK. It kicked off in Portland on Thursday the 5th, The tour is great so far. I’m glad everyone is enjoying singing my new songs along with old ones. I’ve added some new songs to my setlist including “Sativa” and “Ancient Dawn” Til next time, Much love



You came through with that sativa, indica be having me stuck

I really really enjoyed this season, it was interesting, Thank you all. I’ll be back next season most definitely.

I hope you all enjoyed my new single “Ancient Dawn” out now, I’m planning to shoot a video, due soon, it’s become a fan favorite. So I bring to you, the new single

Avril Lavigne - Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending

This month has been HECTIC. And it’s my birthday month.

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