Thanks all for an amazing season. I had fun. I can’t wait for many more to come! I enjoyed it!

The deluxe edition of my album may get pushed back til next PI season

It feels like I been slacking. I been going through it. Especially the last 3 days have been rough. In a dark place. Hopefully it gets better

How are you besties? It’s been rough lately.

Evanescence’s new single on Friday. I’m crying it sounds soo good. The lyrics speak to me.

Who’s gonna love you; if it ain’t me baby

1. Go Away
2. Charade
3. Made My Mind (feat. P!nk)
4. Hybrid
5. Lovely Coincidence
6. Inhibitions (ft. Doja Cat)
7. Million Dollar Baby
8. Sunset & Sunrise
9. Northern Lights
10. Datura
12. I’ll Be Back/Safe Return
13. Go Away (Remix) (ft. Hyuna)
14. Hieroglyphics
15. Apologies = Shit (ft. Rihanna)
16. Not Your Damsel (In Distress)

I’m excited to announce My new deluxe edition for my album Sunset & Sunrise called “Sunset & Sunrise : The Lunar Eclipse Edition” Includes 4 New Tracks. It comes out March 8th!

@Rihanna Haay! You wanna jump on a track I had in mind on deluxe version of my album a track called “Apologies = Shit” :mai1:

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