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Congratulations to the rest of this year's legacy artists and thank you for inviting me

The Lord would not approve of anything other than herbal medication and healing crystals

very disappointing for @GwenStefani to promote unnatural medication on the tl

It's unfortunate that disgusting evidence has come to light about @KatyPerry and the ANATS society (read the entries thread), but I appreciate the nomination

I would like to thank THE LORD for my Best Label Representative nomination

very happy Mickey got a nom for album. She deserves it so much. Camera Roll is my fave song on SC so love to see that get noms. and Drunk (and I Don't Wanna Go Home) is fantastic for collab. Those are my winners.

Well the whiskey goes down better when they don't know who you are

congrats to my "bestie" @MirandaLambert on her grammy noms

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