New info from Dua Lipa's interview for @RollingStone ✨

Dua chose the album title before telling anyone, and before even starting the recording sessions

The promotional campaign was inspired by @Jennie's campaign for her singles

Dua says the release and success of was the defining moment of the era for her

The album is a full-length, non-stop experience! ✨

She describes the album as "a record that could immerse yourself and get lost into"

The whole record is inspired by the 1990s and house music ✨

The first song is at least 5 minutes long! ✨

It begins with club noises before merging into the actual song

It's described as "full of thumping beats and drawn-out vocals"

Dua on working with SG Lewis: "[he] is so great to work with. He's completely honest with me in what we're doing, and completely understood my vision from the beginning"

Part of the second song's chorus: "Wishing I could feel you more / 'Cause I'm sick of crying tears at the disco" ✨

It's described as "another club anthem, her vocal delivery soft and sensual"

The third song is described as experimental with distorted production

It also features a recognisable sample and artist! ✨

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