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With our hearts in the heavens and our souls in the sea, we'll have everything we need 🌎

Why is photoshop suddenly unable to open any kind of video file :adele1:

I'm guess overall I'm pleasantly surprised. Interested to see how the show evolves. If at all.

Honestly she should have just done the entire album with how close she already is to doing so

The fact that Sine From Above didn't make the setlist is a crime

The setlist really didn't need two ASIB songs and Hold My Hand wasn't necessary either.

The styling overall though I am LIVING for. It all gives me Alejandro vibes and I'm HERE for it

I personally don't like majority of the costumes though

I actually quite like the aesthetic she went for. It's not what I was expecting

So the Chromatica Ball isn't a total disaster it seems

Also, poor Gags has to return to being a pop star in six days. Probably cries herself to sleep every night :kii5:

Imagine if the Chromatica Ball is just Enigma Remastered :kii5:

daily reminder that this is one of the best songs and performances of all time :gaycat5:

photoshop and all it's god damn bugs i swear to god :celine1:

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