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“Oh you think your fruity?
I’m all good, I’m a beauty
Doesn’t it hurt when you sit on your booty?
You had to rig the game, time to call Judge Judy.”

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With all this fun, you can also listen to “When Gwen?”, the lead single off my upcoming final studio album.

Harajuku 💕 Gx

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Now come on girl, make sure you don’t flash your

Tit for a Hit ✨

The final single, out now! ✨

I was just informed @DojaCat is a lesbanese so I actually won’t be buying a ticket! I don’t support that 🍌

Eye for an eye is going to be an event!!:$ need to buy a ticket! 🇺🇸

UPDATE: it has come to my attention how costly it is to run tootle, we shall be shutting down immediately :running1:

Hello to only ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce that I’ve officially bought Tootland.

My first act as CEO will be to ban @Foxes

Hello, I am in the space time continuum with H*llary Cl*nton

I’m so glad for Carrie! She is truly a country queen!

THANK YOU GUYS!!!! I’m so proud to be the WINNER of the first season of I had fun with a select FEW of the housemates! I’ll be the greatest President ever! We will make the house great again!!

I mean anyone that would spam this late in the week is absolutely insane and frankly sociopathic

she's laughing but tomorrow I hope she's snoozing

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