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@HonestVocalCoach stars in new show Death on My Spaceship, hosted by @DojaCat. It is her debut television appearance.

@KaceyMusgraves has teased an angrier sound on her upcoming album. It is rumoured to be inspired by the rage she feels when @Dagny logs in to toot.

Irish-American singer Christine Mary Atkinson stuns in new photo.

@Kesha announces plans to blow up @TMZ headquarters. September 2022 marks the 21st anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

@Xtina gears up to reveal her new skincare routine as she shares an unfortunate "before" picture.

Sources tell Crave that the ghost of @EdSheeran will headline the 2023 Superb Owl halftime show.

@TheBlessedMadonna has revealed that she is currently running @Madonna's social media accounts. The 46 year old surrendered control in Spring 2022.

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