Hyunapatra (She's Back) [ She's Back]

Did you miss me? :pinksparkles: I'm so excited to bond with my old and new besties in the house. let's make together every day... a SCANDAL

All the SCANDAL official singles have a platinum certification :bbplatinum:

Origami is now platinum :bbplatinum: - it's Hyuna's third single to do so!

TMZ (Too Much informaZion) has completed its chart run with 118.89 total points! (4 weeks)

Furrious has completed its chart run this week with 282.02 total points! (5 weeks)

It is Hyuna's most successful single.

like this wouldnt be me with the local blinks at the cinema yeah no

this was probably the most entertaining moment of the season so far, for me

we all know why u put pineapple in everything gwen feat vocal coach single anyways

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