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I have to acknowledge the pi team for all the hard work you've done to create and manage this game under the guidance of @RihannaRTT, who also pays for this server so we can play.

Also, congratulations to everyone. After reading the charticle, I realised that everyone had so many achievements this year.

See you next season.

huge congrats on the biggest artist of the industry @Rihanna :redsparkles:

huge congratulations to @DuaLipa you deserve all the success and MORE :color_sparkles:

i appreciate the love i got on trending this season, thank you judges :redsparkles: :cat1:

omg the trending score is better than i expected thank you :tyra1:

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#PopIndustry is a music themed competition in which you portray a real-life recording artist in a quest for music stardom. Associated with FOTP Forums.