And to all the players hope to see u next week mates

Thanks to all the judges for another great season :red_heart:

@Kandi despite being a recap the charticle was hilarious once again, how u do that :scarjo1: :billie1:

Rihanna commented on De Casier’s success to Billboard (well actually she didn’t but we’re leaking her private messages). She said: “Once she learns to spam it’s over for us hags

she did not lie

Finally, it’s impossible to talk about this season without our breakout star. Lorde! I can’t even say that with a straight face, lol.


Given her track record and relation to the tortoise family, she might still be in week 1.


Of course, we’re talking about mesh-mask wearer Lana Del Rey. What’s that? You thought this would be Dua Lipa?

i did BYE

as the only thing Doja earned this season were some fleas

:scarjo1: :billie1:

Finally, an exclusive look at behind the scenes executive drama was revealed after the other three executives came to the decision to not count Aguilera’s Metacritic review for Gwen Stefani’s ‘Blonder’; after she was quoted saying “I swear to god if you parody my album, I will give it all 0” and doing almost exactly that. Drama, honestly!


Ah well, I’m sure Skinny Entertainment isn’t bothered as they’ve released a long string of hits this season! Like… a remix of ‘Origami’ and absolutely nothing else. What a season!

quality > :ny3:

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