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That reminds me I need to reach out to that lady. What was her name Wolf or something? Wonder how good she is at putting steaks in the microwave :hai2:

:KC2: Some of you may receive private audition invitations off season :KC2:

if only Club doja could afford (4)1 (bit of) sense

Kandi Corporation will also be hosting a new application process for an as-of-yet untitled celebrity reality show. More details nearer the time :pinksparkles:

Kandi Corporation can confirm that we are still in the casting phase of . However due to other projects, the casting is taking longer than anticipated. For this reason, please do not expect Season 2 this year. We will strive to bring you Season 2 in 2023, and update you on any changes before then. :KC2:

In the meantime, you can re-watch Season 1 of on Bravo and Peacock! :KC2:

I have some news to share regarding the future of

It has come to my attention that a damaging and false story was posted about my finances yesterday regarding a 41 cent cheque. Reports that the cheque bounced are untrue. However, the cheque was indeed rejected but the teller would not answer me why - only that it had to do with the recipient. I can only assume their bank account was frozen due to an investigation of their fraudulent and illegal dealings.

If you would like to run your own simulation of with the season 1 cast, you can do so at the following link: :pinksparkles: :KC2:

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@KatyPerry and @TroyeSivan get into their final feud of the season live on stage. The other HouseGuests surround @DemiLovato to congratulate her on her victory. The episode fades out. Season 1 is over. "Stay Tuned for Season 2" appears over the end credits :pinksparkles: :KC2:

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Kandi opens the envelope. The winner of Fan Favorite HouseGuest, and winning $25,000 for their chosen charity, is...


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In the third place spot for the Fan-Favorite HouseGuest award is...


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#PopIndustry is a music themed competition in which you portray a real-life recording artist in a quest for music stardom.