@Kandi tagline - "You can take the high road, but I'm always gonna drive downtown."

@Kesha tagline - “Call me a flop, because I like to go down.”

@GwenStefani tagline - “People tell me I’m too controversial. Ok, And?”

@Normani tagline - “I don’t use my words to fight, I battle it out on the dance floor.”

@NewYork tagline - "You know you love New York! I know I do!”


@Kandi storyline - On Season 1 of RHOPI, Kandi settles into her role as label representative while spending most of her time in the studio recording Downtown and the official theme song The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing 💍 Tragedy strikes as former cast member of RHOA Gregg Leakes passes away from colon cancer. Distraught, Kandi partners with the Colon Cancer Coalition, hosting a benefit gala in Leakes's honor.

(See my Week 3 entry for more details)

@Kesha storyline - Kesha's biggest role in the season is recording the not so superstar collab Oui Oui, inviting some, but not all, of the other girls to feature. She struggles with alcoholism and her battle comes to light during the season.

@GwenStefani storyline - Gwen gives viewers a look into her job as senator, her family life and her political and personal beliefs this season. She spends her time in the studio recording her final album... and she spends her time outside the studio with husband Blake Shelton, aka the sixth housewife.

@Normani storyline - Normani hears a rumor early on that she might receive an honor at this year's Billboard Music Awards, prompting her to hit the studio again. However, a scandal rocks her world involving boyfriend Lucas. Normani distracts herself from her own relationship by interfering in Camila Cabello's (and with recent news of her breakup, we see how well that went!). She also looks to open her own dance studio.

@NewYork storyline - Does she need one? Well regardless, she spends her time doing more work for Billboard than Amelia Lily ever did, bringing the industry together for group events at Billboard's behest. She is the most combative member of the cast and gets into feuds with other cast members including Gwen Stefani, Normani and some guest stars!

@Kandi the way the shawnmila breakup was perfect timing for my storyline... PI strikes again irl!

@Normani right especially given that ep filmed a month or two ago

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