An official announcement from KarenTheSkinny ✨

I’ve respectfully dedicated the past 6 years of my life to Skinny Entertainment. It bestowed me sheer happiness to generously support the best music and the best artists. However, from today I will step away from all of my roles and work at the agency.

In addition, I want to announce the rebrand of the agency to PRETTYSOUR Management and that @PerrieEdwards has been selected to take over as the CEO.

#1 Overdrive @DuaLipa

Score: 91%

Trinity: Living on the Run, Cherries, Fighting for a Feeling

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#2 Who Framed Lana Del Rey? @LanaDelRey

Score: 85%

Trinity: San Junipero, Boys In Blue, Final Girl

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#3 hyper @TroyeSivan

Score: 83%

Trinity: down by the lake, melt, looking for love in the wrong place

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#5 Uptown @Kandi

Score: 77%

Trinity: Buttercream, Seven Figures, It's Beautiful (But It's Broke)

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#7 Sweet Talk @ErikaDeCasier

Score: 74%

Trinity: sweet talk, c'est la vie, what do you want from me?

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a message from KarenTheeFrench

"Hello skinny, tonight we're flying to Paris for a hot and steamy music explosion 🇨🇵 "


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