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#5 Uptown @Kandi

Score: 77%

Trinity: Buttercream, Seven Figures, It's Beautiful (But It's Broke)

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#7 Sweet Talk @ErikaDeCasier

Score: 74%

Trinity: sweet talk, c'est la vie, what do you want from me?

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This list includes albums + eps only.

Interludes, covers, live releases were not scored.

The scores are based on the titles + the album entries that were available for the public in the Entries Thread

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With the help of my precious staff, I created a list of our favourite releases of this season. And of course, we would love to share it with you, my friends!

It Girl official live performance video tomorrow with @.Vevo :redsparkles: 🎤

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#PopIndustry is a music themed competition in which you portray a real-life recording artist in a quest for music stardom.