@Kesha told andy and hernan to add you. If you see us raiding and wanna join in, we usually use 1610 as a private code x

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Happy New Year

Happy because its a year without PI! hehe

FYI: Tomorrow is a good day to stay tuned on FOTP 🦋

heads up @Kesha the UD website was cancelled. I don't think it would do well considering user's laziness but the rest of the new mechanics and all is staying. Sign ups next week!

@Kesha to answer your question, yes. I felt I needed to take it back to be aware of things going on. Of course, I don't intend to post there (other than the one liners to rile the clowns up hehe)

Bitch look who the next FOTP admin is... me! 💃

Hope you enjoyed the last few days as much as I did, and you've enjoyed Scotland as a whole and will think of it when roaming Galar ⚔️ 🛡️ Safe trip home! @Xtina

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