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heads up @Kesha the UD website was cancelled. I don't think it would do well considering user's laziness but the rest of the new mechanics and all is staying. Sign ups next week!

@Kesha to answer your question, yes. I felt I needed to take it back to be aware of things going on. Of course, I don't intend to post there (other than the one liners to rile the clowns up hehe)

Bitch look who the next FOTP admin is... me! 💃

Hope you enjoyed the last few days as much as I did, and you've enjoyed Scotland as a whole and will think of it when roaming Galar ⚔️ 🛡️ Safe trip home! @Xtina

She already ate kfc out of house and home earlier too

Xtina and I are having Chinese and she ate all her starter and then ate mine

We away today. Someone remind me to do the hiatus thread when I’m back

When you wanna sleep but you also want food i-

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