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Should really think about renaming the ANAAL convention now that Adam's dead...

Ok hi i'm not doing anything this season but Capitol is open for business as usual.

Also Adam Levine didn't return. Rest in the pieces I left you in!

Where u were directly affects where u are now... ♥️

Meaning... I can’t believe I used to trade my POGS for
@Pokemon cards at lunch in jr high & now I get to be part of the celebration... let’s just say I’m feelin pretty⚡️electric⚡️bout it 👍🏻🤠

@Kesha told andy and hernan to add you. If you see us raiding and wanna join in, we usually use 1610 as a private code x

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Happy New Year

Happy because its a year without PI! hehe

FYI: Tomorrow is a good day to stay tuned on FOTP 🦋

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