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Sleazy Dykey (with @GwenStefani) Diss track to @Pink

A hate letter to PI's most prominent lesbian :pinksparkles:

collabed with a dear friend of mine on an explosive track that will be remembered for decades

evergleam was a huge success not everyone has that :naomi4:

i couldn't leave 10a without another surprise

reading on my adventures in barbados (?) from the mind of my (very) old pal @KylieMinogue is giving me the energy i need to hit the studio once again

saving the timeline with my single Space Crack. Now that Ed is no longer with us let's smoke crack in his honor @MachineGunKelly 🚬

about to enter a house with a high concentration of homosexuals! wish me luck

lol they don't know the ring didn't mean a thing 💍 :billie1:

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