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petition to ban everyone from releasing christmas albums in from now till the end of time

Gonna keep it a secret for now but I think (if it turns out how I hope) it will look really cool and really cool

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I have a super fun idea for this coming season's awards show graphics

@LanaDelRey Ben and Ed need to take her phone away and hire a damn PR team

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I can't @ Miss Del Rey releasing her album with an alternate cover but making it a UK exclusive AGAIN

i couldn't help but wonder what it might be like if I would stop making my future album covers before even making the album

Also have to update it anyway as it still says "2020" 💀

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I finished it so long ago and now the fonts don't really work together lmao

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Kinda think I need to re-do the back cover for LDR5 now that all the single covers are done rip

Anyway, y'all have LOTS of new music to look forward to in the immediate future as well as a little bit further down the line

LDR5 and LDR6 were both completed prior to the pandemic and then LDR7 was created throughout it (she's not finished yet)

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They definitely renewed some of the excitement for this new record that I lost during the pandemic

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Gotta figure out what photo I'm using for the final cover 🤔

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