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Since everyone is here, if you go to the following link you can view the booklets for summer blue forever and my new album in a really dope online, flip book format. Y'all can't experience the physical booklets like I can so this is the next best thing!

I wish I had a nicer printer at home, cause the one I have really isn't cut out for printing a booklet like this. It came out decent though. And y'all will be able to see and go through it online so I'm not worried about my vision coming across

I said I wasn't going to put together a physical copy of this album but here we are

Ngl though I do sometimes just not toot. I come on but there's always some back and forth happening and I don't want to be annoying just interjecting with details about my releases that no one but me actually cares about so I just leave 💀

I love everything I've made for WFLDR but god damn, making it all has been fucking exhausting :celine1: my computer is just like "MAKE IT STOP!!!" at this point :crycat:

The way it has a mini visual story progression wrapped up in it along with the overall aesthetic is just *chef's kiss*

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The WFLDR booklet is finished except for two pages and damn, it's giving SBF's booklet a run for it's money :slay1:

Literally everything is coming out perfectly for this next era and I could not be happier :gaycat6:

I have two songs left to type and then I just have to do the color/aesthetic edits and the booklet is done

I'm working on the WFLDR booklet atm and I didn't think about how the format I chose would require me to retype every song rather than just copy and pasting them ​:celine1:

A couple more weeks till it's not just me tooting to myself ​:slay1:

The way this is likely not nearly as funny as I'm finding it to be rn 💀

I'm already putting way too much work into this lmao

Ok, I was able to get it to do what I wanted but the issue still happens off and on and idek

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It's legit getting to the point where I want to THROW my laptop

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My font is doing something stupid and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to stop doing what it's doing

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