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me thinking about how soon i'll have a 112 page poetry book from Lana to steal song titles from

where have you been, where did you go? those summer night, seem long ago...

Let's start again end of summer. Please and thanks.

me, just casually thinking about LDR7 which probably won't even happen lmao

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i think it might be time for Lana's first black and white album cover 🤔

Just submitted my Chromatica cover for Gaga's Adobe x Chromatica contest 😭

I tried to make a graphic overhaul of Taylor Swift's Lover the other day but failed miserably. I just hate all the Lover era photoshoots so much. Especially the album one lmao. Just gonna pretend the whole era/album doesn't exist.

Have I done anything this week other than play Dragon Age: Inquisition? No, no i have not.

Letting all of my dreams fly, like birds of paradise

don't tell my label i showed you this teaser that shows nothing at all

One song to finish and then LDR5 is complete 😱

Random but if any of you need photos upscaled for let me know. I have a free trial for 30 days and want to make use of it.

Idk. I don't want the text to take away from the background necessarily.

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