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Completely unrelated note: here's a random Gaga cover I'm currently working on. Plan was for it to be either for GUY, ARTPOP or Venus

I spent the last three hours searching though photos and the cover I had still feels the best so maybe i'm just overthinking things

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part of me wants to change the album cover, part of me doesn't. Cause I really love it and think it fits but at the same time I'm kinda like "but what if it's not the one???" which means it's likely not the one which means I have to figure out what "the one" is and i was really happy that I thought I had already done that

me: rewrites a song to be about being in quarantine

imagine ordering salads online. the gross ass soggy lettuce once they arrive. yeah it's a no

Also, I do not condone incest at all, but that disaster was not even remotely the worst one we've done so sis needed to take a seat

How were we supposed to know your no1curr artist was actually a victim of incest 💀 this is not a research article we ain't checking sources

@Rihanna's disaster continues: After unleashing a deadly virus upon the world, Supreme Overlord Rihanna continues her reign of destruction by sending everyone who purchased her music a corpse who died from the disease she created

Too bad wasn't happening. We could have done Disaster Week and said that @Rihanna was secretly behind the corona virus and that it was actually just a viral strain of Death of Us

This is for Xtina you big fat white nasty smellin fat bitch wit cho triflin lazy ass big fat bitch oompa loompa body ass bitch I’m comin up there and I’m gon fuck you the fuck up

The amount of time I spent editing this one photo just so it looks nice for the album cover i-

me writing lyrics normally vs me writing lyrics that somehow mention summer

Y'all should stream this cute track cause i totally didn't just cut ha from the next album 😬

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