See you all tomorrow at 7pm GMT for the Awards! Hope you all enjoy the show!

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I realize now I meant to attach the promo video with this toot but didn't

Oh well y'all gonna get spammed with them tomorrow soooo

@LanaDelRey ok that's a cute time. probably works best for @Xtina coz she'll be sleeping early

@CarrieUnderwood @Xtina i was gonna do 8pm but in case i end up going out to dinner or something early since it's Friday I'd rather start an hour earlier at 7pm

@LanaDelRey @Xtina yes i think its a fine time. will need all the entries scored from everyone by then i suppose.

also thanks i saw u did all the MCs

@LanaDelRey @Xtina yup just the challenge scores when they close in an hour.

i'll send u the award winners then too btw.

@CarrieUnderwood alright awesome. I just gotta figure out what kind of graphic I'm doing for the winners

@LanaDelRey 3PM for me. Probably not going to make it in this time.

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