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Stream the deluxe edition of my debut album now! Available in platforms. I present to you “Test The Bull : Platinum Taurus Edition “ Please pick it up, I’ve enjoyed making this record, Thanks for all who supported so far, for that, I give you the deluxe edition of the album. featuring the bumpin, galactic twist from the talented @Kesha will sure send your ass in space on “Space Crack (Journey To Uranus Mix) and thanks the cuz Charli XCX on our piano stripped single version of “Guarded Heart”

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1. Test The Bull
2. Screw Off
3. Guarded Heart
4. Space Crack
5. Rock of Fame (ft. Avril Lavigne)
6. Tiptoe
7. This Dude Likes To Party (My Party)
8. Caffeine Overload
9. Just a Matter of Time
10. Irritated
11. Graveyard Shift
12. The Takeover
13. Dice Roll
14. Roulette
15. Space Crack (Journey To Uranus Mix) ft. Kesha
16. Guarded Heart (ft. Charli XCX)
17. Horns In The Air
18. Taurus Season

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Announcing the deluxe edition of my debut album being called “Test The Bell : Platinum Taurus Edition can be yours tomorrow. Please stream and save thanks for all the love it features “Gaurded Heart” ft. the cuz @CharliXCX and also my new remix of “Space Crack” featuring the talented @Kesha, Check it out at midnight, grab it, stream it, Thanks for the love again.

MGK 😈🤟

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Im happy to announce my debut album, “Test The Bull” I hope you’re all ready to jump to this record and have fun with it, just as I had fun making this record. Pre-save, and please stream when it drops! Thanks for all the love so far. It features the debut single “Space Crack”

It was fun this season, Im on tour currently with sis @AvrilLavigne and cuz @CharliXCX on Dangerously, That Bitch Tour, the tour has been tremendous so far, thanks for all the feedback, I appreciate all the love!

@RinaSawayama lots of work and more work. I'll have someone fill in for me next season though.

I really want to post about MGK’s rl birthday on FOTP. But then again I periodically post on there not really.

I hope you picked up “Taurus Season” for my birthday today!

Im gonna get slayed for week 4. Rl did kick my ass this week. Let’s speed this got 35 mins to finish an entry and imma at class oh lordt

“Taurus Season” out at midnight, pre-save and stream when it drops please.

Come out to play! 🦬 Taurus Season is here so is my new single at midnight,please pre-save and stream when it drops.

I’m featured on @AvrilLavigne ‘s new EP on the track called “Crucial” we decided to make the Precious Moments Mix. Go and hear it. Such a good touching relaxing song, it also features the cuz @CharliXCX

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