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eternity (+friends) edition coming to a slay near you this friday

+ new song love in brazil out tonight!

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love in brazil, the new single of eternity (+friends).

a love letter to all the come to brazil people 🏖️

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Here's MY iconic billboard cover. oomfs wished they were as good and INFLUENTIAL as me!!! :thots:

oomfie bestie just cancelled a collab that i was so excited about. if this is what heartbreak feels like.. 💔

bought g*stin's music to see if the micropenis rumours are true :demi3:

flowers for saturn ft. Doja Cat will also be released as a promo single to finalise the era. consider Love In Brazil, an extra special treat xoxo 🤍

special thank you to all the ladies who helped make this project even better, and a VERY special thank you to @Jennie , @DojaCat & @DuaLipa ⛓️

eternity (+friends) tracklist:
6. good faith ft. ELIO
7. sunkissed ft. Charlotte Lawrence
8. eclipse (Full Version) ft. Ariana Grande
9. running for cover ft. Tinashe
10. transient love ft. VÉRITÉ
11. flowers for saturn ft. Doja Cat
12. strange lessons ft. Dua Lipa
13. reality in motion ft. Kevin Parker (from Tame Impala)


eternity (+friends) tracklist:
1. good morning, are you happy? (Full Version)
2. take a bite ft. Jennie
3. eventually ft. Maggie Lindemann
4. magnolia ft. Astrid S
5. provocation ft. Pia Mia

(part 2 later tonight)

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