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The deluxe version of my debut album 'Suga Mama' is out now!! It has 5 brand new songs including the extended version of Fun Girls!! Run it up hotties!! :bubbles: :bubbles:

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dropped my debut album, collaborated with amazing people, and snatched an award. WHEW.

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Wanna thank @DuaLipa for being not only my collaborator but a good friend! Thank you so much for being apart of it. :bubbles:

whaaaaat this is insane ​:crycat:​ thank u thank u thank u

I told y’all the VP was a hot girl! She wasn’t at my part for no reason!

Ahhh there’s my girl!!! 😍😍😍

is it bad it took for demi to say something for me to notice it ​:kii5:​

y’all so cute pls I’m taking pics with EVERYONE tonight ​:cat1:​

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