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My debut album OVER THE EDGE is out very soon! Watch this space for more to come 🎈

Got some information to reveal, received a text from Kylie. Some koala kicked her and she won't be here until next week!

gaining so many followes I might just open my onlyfans

What's everyone's favorite song from my album? x

1. Over the Edge
2. Vertigo
3. Flashbacks
4. let me know...
5. Deepest Shade (Interlude)
6. Tease
7. Mixed Signal
8. Not There Yet
9. My Only Fan (Interlude)
10. Blindsided (with @KylieMinogue )
11. Wine Stain
12. Still Insecure

Remember to buy my debut album, featuring 'Vertigo' and 'Flashbacks' 🎈

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