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My EP is titled "Reign" and it's officially out now!!! Wanted u give u guys something to hold u over til the album. Love u barbz foreva n eva.

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Opulent (feat. @Rihanna) is officially out right now!! So happy to have my bad gal by my side!! Thank u xoxoxo!!!! 😜 😍

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nicki and normani both having green albums thank you jesus

“Nicki Minaj (again, really?)” ISGSKSHSKS I HATE HIM I SWEAR I DO

BITCH I got my first #1 all thanks to @Hyuna???! ​THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT! :oprah2:

he said stop and I said BOOTS THE HOUSE DOWN

I hope I’m not the one to toot when he says stop

Rosé teaser made me feel nauseous with the frame skipping omg

Normani just took over and overshadowed Nicki akshsksbsj

I’m def gonna do more with Nicki for the next time

I swear it was just 30 mins... HOW DID WE SKIP OVER 20.

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