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i hope u have ur vaccine bc "sick of love" feat my babygirl @Jennie is out now!!!

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i'm baaaack. my new single "vision" is here now! 📺 👁️

Me thinking I was off today 🙃🙃🙃🙃

bc i seriously have no idea how many songs I have and the points (which I’ll never get bc im slow as hell)

but first I deadass need to get my song database together

kinda forgot to explain why tf I named the album that and how hard it was for me to spell it the first time LMFAOOOO

today is the day I will be annoying aka every damn day KSNDBDN

not my friend trying to call me saying its urgent as i got comfortable in bed jhkl;ad

alright now time for one episode of scandal (aka prob 4 bc i wont stop) and then bed me thinks!

im glad im in a safe environment with my fellow procrastinators, cheers girlies! :kii1:

and the text turned out super duper small so thank god i had the transcript just in case

not us all not happy with our entries jahskdla

how they gonna tell akeria to not be monotone but then seconds later they want her to be....

ok time for drag race lets see what will piss me off this time around

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