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Marlo’s is so good too she knew she ate that and sheree’s SENT ​:kii5:

Pls not one of those big trucks that carry buildings holding up traffic KSJDBDJSJ

whoever has my voodoo doll pls leave me alone and stop messing with it

well there went my streak of good days HELP

i'm so confused when it comes to mr. styles, i know it aint my business but i just... let god be true quickly. :kii3:

now hear me out i'm all for celebs trying not to label themselves and be private with their sexuality however....

that bad bitch feeling yeah it gives me that BUZZ!

at the barbershop with twice in my headphones while tweeting from a PI Mani account… I’ve reached my peak in gayness and faggotry

no but i really want that studio version of hayley on HTE

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