I'm baaaaack. Thank you @Billboard for allowing ya girl to grace the cover of this week's issue! 💖

the month of april will be interesting to say the least... ✝️

New Beginnings (Deluxe Edition) is now available for purchase! 🕊️ 💙

The official tracklist with 2 new songs and 2 remixes added on! Sorry for the long wait omg. 💙

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New Beginnings - The Deluxe Edition. 4 new songs. Tracklist tomorrow. 🕊️

getting ready to see u and all of my faves tonight. 🕊️

Normani — New Beginnings

This album means a lot to me, it was so hard to even record some of these songs but I never let the heartbreak get the best of me. From my world to yours. 🕊️

Phoenix (Disclosure Remix) out now!! Just a lil sumn to hold you over for another week love u all!!🔥

Phoenix, the second single from my upcoming album "New Beginnings" is out NOW!

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