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the fact that levitating was the ONE during my first listen and still charting + smashing like i knew it would! :nat1:

DSN being the lead alone just proves how sickening that era was even tho it got messy but still! sickening!

FN was such a good second album choice, doing a different sound without it coming across as too try hard >>>

is it me or does Dua's self titled EAT future nostalgia up?

and now Ariana next... they hate me confirmed.

the way Rih isn't the only fave of mine doing everything but music.. yes i'm looking at you Beyoncé Knowles!

love positions but if you gonna leave us with that album she's gonna have to fight me idc

wicked got pushed back i have to LAUGH! time for ariana to get back in the studio!

i would have to edit hella tags so spotify got me in a chokehold until i figure that out :crycat:

no but the fact i had a dream i was performing a dance cover(?) in front of beyonce to sweetest pie hgjkl;sad i'm just a fag 24/7 ig

apple music's layout on a mac is BEAUTIFUL omg get up !!!! @spotify @amazonmusic @youtubemusic @etc

not SP hitting this morning bc of the dream i had about the song gjhaksld

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