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PRETTYSOUR Management Roster ✨

@Jennie (Singer, Songwriter)
@TOP (Rapper, Dancer, TV Personality, Producer, Influencer)
@MadisonBeer (Singer, Producer, Actress, Director, Choreographer, Screenplay Writer)

"Eye for an Eye- EP" out 4/6 :chrome_heart:

1. Eye for an Eye
2. Furious Angels ft. Tei Shi
3. Stranger Than Fiction
4. I Forgive Myself
5. Revolver

Eye for an Eye
Live @ Club Doja

19+ 11pm Doors

Tickets available now.

We're delighted to announce @RinaSawayama has joined the PRETTYSOUR family :chrome_heart: We're very proud to welcome the immense talented rising star, and of course, asian excellence to our roster :chrome_heart:

love in brazil, the new single of eternity (+friends).

a love letter to all the come to brazil people 🏖️

eternity (+friends) edition coming to a slay near you this friday

+ new song love in brazil out tonight!

WANNA BE ON TOP :blue_rose: He's Back... to Reality!

A @KandiCorporation :KC1: production coming in 2022 on @peacockTV 📺

Breakout star of the season @Jennie makes her appearance on the red carpet, without Janet Jackson in-tow.

@MadisonBeer is next to arrive on the red carpet. We can tell she had more than a few beers (and sangrias, and wines, and spirits) before she got dressed this evening. Give her a little coke and she'll soon be Charli XCX.

Mr. Bottom arrives next with a declaration of love on the step and repeat behind him. Make some noise and throw some roses for TOP :blue_rose:

Next up is a special appearance by former pop star and current ambassador of Uganda @PerrieEdwards as she pushes some other bitches out of the way to pose with a The Weeknd impersonator

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