@Lorde please don't boost toots during the season, thanks

Welcome to !

Please either a) follow everyone back or b) use the LOCAL timeline until next Friday. We will update everyone's follow lists then.

Tootland Rules: popindustry.org/about/more

Hello! starts tonight!


Mastodon has officially added a Server Rules section to the site. Please see this link for full details: popindustry.org/about/more

NOTE: No rules have changed. These rules are as they were beforehand.

A new announcement has been posted to Tootland, after an executive meeting last night. Please log in via the website to read it.

Hi @AvrilLavigne just a reminder on Sundays at 7, you should not toot after P!nk says to stop. And if you accidentally do, please delete them as soon as you notice. As you're a new player, this is just a friendly warning, and I have deleted that toot.

Please do not reply to this until P!nk toots to say start tooting again

Madonna has been banned for 24 hours. When I say stop tooting, it means stop tooting.

Please do not toot until you have received your PM today. Thanks.

FYI: if you're using the desktop site and want to add multiple emojis, you can keep the emoji picker open by holding CTRL while clicking on emojis

Please make sure to read announcements (megaphone button) if you see them. Thanks.

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According to our source the next season of Pop Industry will begin around February 2020.

when i type stilloverparty it looks like still lover party ngl

A few new upgrades:
(Admin) Announcements now exist
Bookmarks now exist
You can now add yourself to lists

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#PopIndustry is a music themed competition in which you portray a real-life recording artist in a quest for music stardom. Associated with FOTP Forums.