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Please make sure to read announcements (megaphone button) if you see them. Thanks.

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According to our source the next season of Pop Industry will begin around February 2020.

when i type stilloverparty it looks like still lover party ngl

A few new upgrades:
(Admin) Announcements now exist
Bookmarks now exist
You can now add yourself to lists

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See you all tomorrow at 7pm GMT for the Awards! Hope you all enjoy the show!

@ArianaGrande when I tell her after we hit 100,000 toots we have to delete and start again

the actual full profile page so

Even tho the trends might end up hard to use, I do rly like that you can type a hashtag and see how it's used. And you can click on them and see all the toots of it

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#PopIndustry is a music themed competition in which you portray a real-life recording artist in a quest for music stardom.