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cause it sounds like "Pretty Bitch Music" to me? That's riiiiight my debut single is HERE. Where all my pretty bitches at???! :pink_heart:

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Will be watching tonight for Doja and Nathy ​:kii1:

also the 2NE1 reunion ugh I’m never sleeping early again plus I missed Billie’s performance too

That new song Meg premiered at Coachella last night ​:charli1:

Never and I mean nvr again will I be nice and let my dog be in my room while I’m sleeping 😭

however i hope you all are having a great day regardless :crycat:

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shout out to the judges who liked my entry bc you guys have no idea how it actually made my day omg

it's funny how her and Normani share the same manager, you can tell who he loves more clearly bc Anitta will get booked for anything chile! Booked and busy queen! :ari1:

i really want Anitta to win, she's such a sweet person and also having a brazilian pop star in the industry >>>>

ok nvm got interrupted ahgsjkd will finish later but bitch Gata >>>>

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that new billboard look is SICKENING yesssss budget!

entries done! chores done! now i'm ready to go get some food xoxo

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