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Sources confirm @Dagny was detained after attempting to enter @TaylorSwift's BBMAs afterparty despite not being on the invite list.

Vice President Kamala Harris has arrived on the red carpet for the

Congrats on your no noms for ‘Oui Oui’, 28% of us approve of you! ​:color_sparkles:

Serial cultural appropriator @GwenStefani has been canceled due to releasing a video appropriating Native American culture. You can watch the video below

LIAR! LIAR! THE PHOENIX'S PANTS ARE ON FIRE! @Normani and Lucas are back together?!!

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Gonna be honest I do nt understand how melonie outsold dagny. I am very huurt 😭 🙄

Just got back from seeing Encanto and was so surprised to see @TheWeeknd in it!

"I hate Gwen Stefani" - Blake Shelton

@Jennie announces that the next single from her smash album ‘Ruby’ will impact radio on March 2nd, 2021! ​:redsparkles:

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