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I'm also very excited to share that the title track will be the next single! This song might just be my favorite song I've ever done. It's a special one ✨💙

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My sixth album, is out now!! This album holds a special place in my heart and I hope you all enjoy it! ✨💙

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I'm super excited to finally share the cover for my sixth album, Impossible Things, out on April 13th!! I'm so proud of this album and can't wait for you all to hear it! ✨💙

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5. 5 would have looked ugly on the tracklist so good for him for not doing it :ari1:

Doja's clubs being secret brainwashing facilities

The teahouse was so cute. They had these adorable light up cherry blossom trees 🥺

Yeah I was meant to, but I don't have any time to do an entry for Taylor or toot significantly so I was planning on just pushing it to next week hoping no one would notice but I thought wrong :kii4:

And we're thinking we might go to an arcade on Saturday

Talked on the phone with that guy again this morning

Probably gonna eat some breakfast then hey a couple extra hours of sleep

But yeah overall no complaints. He seems really nice

I played a video game while we talked which definitely helped distract me from getting to in my head about it

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