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The era appreciates all the continuous support you've given to it, week after week. In the end I found out how a nightcrawler thinks. These final words aren't meant to be a farewell, it's more of a see you soon. 🌃

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take me to the lakes were all the poets went to die :cat1:

me saying this as if I'm not gonna put billboard through it this week

wait realishawn I was #1 on digital this week :billie1:

@paulina realising I won't lose my top 10 streak this week :billie1:

Apparently a customer told me he literally walked in the testing place and they gave him a vaccine on the spot :beth1:

Basically it's a front desk job at the social security but they get paid more than the minimum salary which is what I'm getting :billie1:

aunt want me to apply for a technical assistant job back home :billie1:

I got a cold from using the ac at 16° all day :billie1:

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