Please see the Discord for an update regarding our downtime.


It has come to our attention that a user blocked another account temporarily yesterday. Muting, unfollowing and/or blocking accounts is NOT acceptable and causes more work for us. You'd expect people in the know would be a lot more respectful of our time, but it seems not. There is no excuse for it. It has now been dealt with, but take this as a warning. If it happens again, there will be serious consequences. Thank you.

Don't toot today until you have received your Direct Channel message from us, thanks.

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Hello all. Small update regarding Mastodon. We have upgraded to the new Mastodon release.

Firstly, it comes with a fix for scheduled toots. Previously scheduling a toot, usually on a separate app, would lower your toot count. This is now fixed.

Secondly, new features were added including word/phrase Filters and Automated Post Deletion. DO NOT USE THESE. ⚠️ As these will mess up our counts / interactions, we are banning these.

The rules have been updated with this.

Welcome to 🎤

Please use either the local timeline or follow back any new players until November 3rd. Your followers will be auto updated then.

Also remember that you should NOT Boost (aka Reblog) any toots during the season. ❗

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Always check the PI Lounge for more information:

Hi everyone. Here's your reminder that Season 9c starts a week today - October 29th. Stay tuned.

RE: Fandom / Wiki

We understand that tracking down old release dates for discography pages is a fairly daunting task. To help, we have prepared a list of all chart weeks and the latest available date of release for that week.

@Lorde please don't boost toots during the season, thanks

Welcome to !

Please either a) follow everyone back or b) use the LOCAL timeline until next Friday. We will update everyone's follow lists then.

Tootland Rules:

Hello! starts tonight!


Mastodon has officially added a Server Rules section to the site. Please see this link for full details:

NOTE: No rules have changed. These rules are as they were beforehand.

A new announcement has been posted to Tootland, after an executive meeting last night. Please log in via the website to read it.

Hi @AvrilLavigne just a reminder on Sundays at 7, you should not toot after P!nk says to stop. And if you accidentally do, please delete them as soon as you notice. As you're a new player, this is just a friendly warning, and I have deleted that toot.

Please do not reply to this until P!nk toots to say start tooting again

Madonna has been banned for 24 hours. When I say stop tooting, it means stop tooting.

Please do not toot until you have received your PM today. Thanks.

FYI: if you're using the desktop site and want to add multiple emojis, you can keep the emoji picker open by holding CTRL while clicking on emojis

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